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This site is my own, it is not a democracy. If you want freedom of expression get your own site. Having said that, comments are welcome provided that they are:

  • On topic, i.e. you have read the post and are commenting on the same topic.
  • Adding something to the post, i.e. “you suck” and “you rock” are equally useless.
  • Polite, or at least professional.
  • Not overly promotional or outright spam.

Any comment that does not fulfill these criteria will be removed at my discretion.

If a comment is largely good with a mistake or two, I may correct it.

If you provide a valid email address, I will try to inform you of a removal or correction, unless I deem it to be spam.

Comments are the opinion of the commenter, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the site owner (in fact, the good ones don’t).

(NB: This was originally drafted and commented on in a post.)

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