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(Web developers magazine, not microsoft’s .net). My accessibility column takes a brief look at the accessibility of .Net readers sites’:

  1. Tourdeglobe, graphics for text.
  2. Web-Fundi, access keys.
  3., fixed fonts and layout.
  4. Hunt for Property, tab index.
  5. Hungary Ben, colour contrast & colour blindness.
  6. Daymedia, headings.
  7. James Mills, embedding multimedia.
  8. Rawcliffe Leisure, large click areas for links.
  9., variable height elements.
  10. Sunny man’s blog: WordPress issues with headings, labels and skip links.
  11. Colour change widgets (and why not text-size widgets).
  12. Desktop CMS software
  13. Mylo-tv, new windows and consistent navigation
  14. Scumballs to cancer, headings and unnecessary markup.
  15. Common issues that keep occuring, even amongst standards aware developers.
  16. Screen readers, common strategies used by screen readers and how to allow for them.
  17. Guidelines and standards
  18. Zoom!

Other bits: AJAX and accessibility part 1 and Part 2.


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