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XHTML disrupted by Mobile access

Screen shot of the XML error, lots of code.I'm not sure whether to put this down to an issue with my (mobile) ISP, or whether it should count against using XHTML sent as application/xhtml+xml? I've recently found that even a well authored site using valid XHTML can display as an XML error in browsers that support XML mime types.

Mobile GMail

The GMail mobile client.I've recently moved to using GMail as my primary interface, and I noticed a new mobile feature. The mobile access for GMail is much better than the one I installed on my hosting, which frankly was unusable on my phone despite an excellent mobile browser. Then I tried the Symbian GMail client.

Raising the bar of mobile browsing

The Webkit browser showing my homepage, practically perfectly.Mobile browsing has been, frankly, rubbish so far. But now there are two new mobile browsers that confound the generally dire opinion of mobile browsers.