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CSUN: WordPress tweetup – accessible presentations

Joe presenting at CSUN 2014.The first session I attended at CSUN was Joseph O'Connor's presentation on: Cities, making free accessible Wordpress themes, and an announcement about a new project.

Bristol Council CMS discussion

Presentation slide.I attended the Roundtable Discussion about Bristol City Council’s Future Web Platform, an interesting insight into how local authorities think about their web presence. Something about the presentations & process jarred with me, and it took a little while to work out what the problem was: the assumptions. I've dissected some of them and proposed new ones.

Send to my… fridge?

I've noticed a trend in how I use the internet now, where I use different aspects of it in different contexts. In my browser there is a set of bookmarks in a folder called "Send to", which allows me to direct resources to different places.

An unimportant hole in Section 508?

Mike Paciello recently pointed to an article that says Section 508 inefficient for CMS and web development tools. This matches what I would expect, however, I discovered the article has it the opposite way round.

Django – Local vs Live error

I came across a strange error using Django when putting something live that I couldn’t find via google, so hopefully this will help anyone in the same position.  When I put some new code live (to allow members to enter events), it errored with:

'str' object has no attribute '_default_manager'…