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EME at the W3C

There's an ongoing kerfuffle about DRM (Digital Rights Management) being implemented in browsers and whether the W3C should publish a standard ('recommendation') that provides access to DRM content.

ReCAPTCHA updated to no-CAPTCHA

Interesting post from Google on their update for reCAPTCHA, where they are replacing the current CAPTCHA method.

Send to my… fridge?

I've noticed a trend in how I use the internet now, where I use different aspects of it in different contexts. In my browser there is a set of bookmarks in a folder called "Send to", which allows me to direct resources to different places.

Stackoverflow dev day London – Roundup

Dev Days logo.I’ve just gotten back from a great day at the Stackoverflow Dev Day, I didn’t take my usual copious notes, but I thought a flavour of proceedings would be good to get down. For those who don’t know me, I have to add the caveat that I’m not a …

dConstruct 2008 notes

dConstruct banner.
My journey to d.construct was a long one, I hadn’t even checked which talks were when, so I was very thankful for the schedule built into your name tag! I took quite a few notes for general use, but please to refer to the originals where possible:

Keynote: The urban…

Applying a comments policy

A few respected bloggers have come out against including comments on blogs. Partly due to their popularity, they have suffered from a long spew of noise, filth, and anonymous rubbish. So far I've been pretty happy with the quality of comments here, but I'd like to maintain that.

Upcoming relaunched is a site that allowed people to publish their events, and therefore you could see all the events by location and/or type of event. Yahoo bought the company, they have relaunched the site, and it's pretty good (functionality wise at least, I've not checked the markup).

OpenID and trust

I noticed OpenID a while ago, as a possible way to do single-sign-on for internet applications. Recently I wondered why Google used CAPTCHA, and despite it being the most viewed article on this blog (thanks to Matthew Mullenweg), no one pointed out the obvious problem with my argument.

Criteria for using Web 2.0

Whether you think the term "Web 2.0" is a passing buzzword or a useful umbrella term for a range of concepts, I've been hearing some strange requests from clients. Over the course of a few conversations I've distilled down the main criteria I use for establishing whether we should use some fancy new Web 2.0 magic.

Anti-spam, hopefully not anti-user

In what I hope is the only site-admin post I have to do for a while, please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the site, leaving comments, or receiving RSS feeds. I do realise the irony, but please do email me if you are having trouble...