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Overlay comments

There was a W3C session called “Accessibility at the Edge“, essentially trying to tackle the technical aspects of accessibility overlays. I’ll add links to the session and video if & when that is published.

I just wanted to capture my main point:

From a first principles point of

Sound and Vision quality

I love good films and TV, and I have a middle-age wish to watch (and listen) to the best versions of the current cultural stories that I like.

Brexit – letter to my MP

Writing to your MP can feel like sending a missive into the void, especially if you didn’t vote for them and generally don’t agree with them. For example, my MP is Brexit campaigner Liam Fox, and I am not a Conservative voter or pro-brexit.

So for my own sanity …

AI for Facebook fake-news

With so much hype around artificial intelligence, and so much news around the impact fake news has via Facebook, I’m surprised no one has put them together.

I came across a share from a friend which was basically a fake (Kurt Cobane suggesting Trump would be president in 1993), so …

Get off the Internet

In my last post I summarised why undermining (all) our security with intrusive laws is unhelpful. But what if it comes to pass? The best advice (and what I would try and do) is get off the Internet.

Laws that undermine security

The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill combines some previous laws and makes more explicit what the (UK) Government security services can do. That’s a good thing.

However, there are two areas where I think the bill will make life worse for us (UK citizens):

Undermining our security, for the general everyday…

CSUN 2014 round-up

This was my first CSUN conference and it was a very enjoyable, if very tiring event. Having posted quite a few sets of notes from the sessions, I though an overview of the resources and experience would be helpful.

CSUN: International Association of Accessibility Professionals

Kathy Walbin, Rob Sinclair and David Dickter presenting about the IAAP.The IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals) has been rumbling along, preparing for a while now, and it's time for the official launch.

CSUN 2014 prep

Just a little heads up that I will be going to CSUN for the first time this year, which is taking place next week 19-21st March). I’ll be in San Diago (usefully) from the 18th to 23rd March.

I’m going to try and blog what I find, so suddenly this …

Open Rights Group Conference

Open Rights Group Conference I just had an interesting day at the Open Rights GroupConference (#ORGcon). As someone that doesn't identify with any political party, it's the only (mildly) activistic group I'm involved in. That's probably due to the close connection with the tools I use everyday at work, like the Internet. A few things I learned from the day...