CSUN 2014 prep

Just a little heads up that I will be going to CSUN for the first time this year, which is taking place next week 19-21st March). I’ll be in San Diago (usefully) from the 18th to 23rd March.

I’m going to try and blog what I find, so suddenly this site will be very active after a long quiet period. There are lots of sessions I would like to see (Google calendar). Too many in fact, as there are two or three sessions per time-slot!

If you have any requests let me know in the comments, but I’ll either post-per-session, or do a round up per day depending on how it goes.

I am primarily going for the experience (CSUN apparently has to be experienced if you are in accessibility), but I’ll also be happy to talk to anyone about:

  • ATAG, currently a W3C “Candidate Recommendation” and looking for testers. I will be at Jeanne Spellman’s presentation at Thursday 12:00, Balboa A.
  • The IAAP which is launching various things at CSUN.
  • Nomensa (where I work), helping people integrate accessibility into their design and development process.
  • Defacto our accessible Content Management System.

I suspect twitter will be the best place to contact me during next week, and I’ll keep an eye on the #CSUN search as well.