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Dr Horrible’s sing along blog

Capture from the first act of the musical.In a break from our irregular schedule, I feel compelled to point out that Joss Whedon is doing a sort of Radiohead. For a few days only, there is a three part "supervillain musical" free online. During the writers strike Joss and a few friends got together to do something fun and silly, and experiment whilst they were at it.

Why I don’t buy DRM (music) products

iTunes Plus, Play, Amazon (when it gets to the UK), fine. But with DRMed content, even from a popular service like iTunes, you never know what's around the corner. Your music could just disappear.

Email IA for the overloaded

A multitude of small postboxes in rows, all with little locks.For those who get a large volume of email, you probably know the pain of trying to balance reading, sorting, and acting on that email. After several years of battle, I've settled on a particular filtering method that will probably work for anyone that receives email from several internal teams, and many project lists. Do you need IA for email?

My phone thinks I’m a geek

Phone picture showing bizarre text message.Predictive text is great, but a double edged sword. I've taught it a few too many acronyms, and now they are the default. Now, the default words for some things are really annoying. Are there any others who've been unstuck by this, or am I the only one?

If I’m never heard from again…

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I try not to 'test' the system if I can help it. But when a friend drops you in it (possibly), you don't have much choice. If I'm not heard of again, this is why.

@media 2007

I’m just back from @media, and thought I’d post up brief notes (such as they are) for my own reference and anyone else’s gain. Obviously, I will only comment on the presentations I saw, and it’s all from my own particular perspective.

Jesse James Garrett – Beyond AJAX

Jesse James Garrett presents the keynote on Beyond AJAX.I didn’t …

Web mob is the new jury?

Any web geek will have heard of the Digg vs. the AACS copy protection body, but is this the new Jury system?

Domain woes

If you've found this site, well done! My main domain ( has just been dropped without warning by the registrar. I've switched over to for now, needless to say, is not my favorite registrar at the moment.

.net does accessibility

.net article front page, a very graphical "learn to love accessibility" title in pink and white on black.I was a bit quiet over the Christmas period, because .net magazine had asked me to do an article on accessibility. I'm very pleased with the result, it's great to see it in print, although also quite nerve-wracking: I'm used to making post-publish edits!

Fund raising for accessibility

I subsidize Joe?s indolence. Do you? At this stage, fund raising to allow fund raising! Joe Clark is starting the Open & Closed Project, dedicated to writing a set of standards (how-to manuals) for four fields of accessibility – captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing.