If I’m never heard from again…

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I try not to ‘test’ the system if I can help it. But when a friend drops you in it (possibly), you don’t have much choice. If I’m not heard of again, this is why.

The background is that I’m visiting a friend (nickname Sooty) in Australia, this is an IM conversation in advance of that:

  1. Sooty: g’day mate you busy?
  2. alastc: Fairly, what’s up?
  3. Sooty: nothing just did you know you land the same morning as the american president!!!! Thats gonna make you customs trip fantstic…
  4. alastc: oh crap.
  5. alastc: same airport?
  6. Sooty: yer and i might tip off the customs people about keith!! you know how he loves the police and all that!!!
  7. alastc: Yes, I seem to remember he had great treatment / customer service from them as a suspect 😉
  8. Sooty: 🙂
  9. alastc: Do you know what time airforce 1 lands?
  10. Sooty: nope i doubt many people do….. now we had beter not mention that and missiles otherwise the people reading this will flag it and you two can’t complete your mission while you are here!!! 🙂
  11. alastc: Oh thanks. Well, I guess now we find out if there is a big brother for MSN…

I’ve had a product demo from the same people that work for the American military, and it seemed like pretty good technology for matching words and concepts, so I could be in trouble!

PS. This post was timed to publish at the time I land in Australia, staying only for three weeks.

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  1. Just got here, luckily Bush had arrived last night. Now I’m just confused as to what time it is, should be, and whether I should be eating, drinking or sleeping. So far, I’ve gone with drinking, although apparently it is 8:30 in the morning.

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