My phone thinks I’m a geek

Predictive text is great, but a double edged sword. I’ve taught it a few too many acronyms, and now they are the default. These defaults for common words are really annoying:

I type My phone shows
see pdf
to vm
the uie
for dns

So, "Go to the office and see john" becomes:

Text message showing "Go vm uie office and pdf john"

Are there any others who’ve been unstuck by this, or am I the only one?

Also, is there a way to change the dictionary? I’ve seen reports of it being in: c:\system\data\predic\10xxxxx.dat, but I don’t have that folder, at least browsing via bluetooth.

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  1. Yup I’ve got this problem too. Words that I’ve only used once have replaced words that I use all the time. Strange. I found the predictive dictionary in c:\Predic\ but remember that when browsing the file from the computer it often just shows you the memory card, not the internal memory. I googled about a bit but can’t find any way to edit this dictionary file. You could always delete it and start again though.

  2. Another thing: I think(repeat: I think) that Nokia phones look for the frequncy of your word use. So if you use “see” more, it will become the default.

  3. Hi Niyaz PK,

    I’m afraid not, once I typed ‘see’, then taught it ‘pdf’ (because that was not an option), it defaulted to that from then on, regardless of usage.

    Why there is an exception for things you put in yourself I don’t know, but thankfully I’m on a new (less functional, easier to use) phone I won’t make the same mistake again.

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