.net does accessibility

.net article front page, a very graphical "learn to love accessibility" title in pink and white on black.I was a bit quiet(er) over the Christmas period, because .net magazine had asked me to do an article on accessibility. I’m very pleased with the result, it’s great to see it in print, although also quite nerve-wracking: I’m used to making post-publish edits!

The parts I’ve brought myself to re-read seem ok, although to me it seems to make a lot of points very quickly, probably something to do with cutting it down to reach the word limit. It’s got quite a wide scope (creating accessible web sites), so I hope it does that some justice.

My thanks go out to Andy Clark, John Foliot and Patrick Lauke. Their great contributions really helped to cover much more ground with quite different ‘voices’.

Andy spoke from a design point of view, and actually covered the lynch-pin of the article: how to create structure. John looked to the future, with a very balanced view of upcoming standards. Patrick looked at the wider scope, and the relationship between the different tools and technologies.

Oh, and before some smart alec comments, I know that pink on black isn’t the best contrast, but don’t worry, the content is all white/black or vice-versa. I’m just not sure where the title came from: “learn to love accessibility”. Well, it’s better than the working title of “Creating accessible websites”, perhaps they were finalising it around mid-February?