Usability Introduction – Baltics

Thank you to all those people who attended the session today in Tallinn, and I look forward to meeting people from Vilnius and Riga! Thanks also go to the guys at Best Marketing, who have made me very welcome. I promised lots of links to go with the presentation, so here they are:

Good reading on Usability & Information Architecture

Donal Norman's Design of Everyday things, fantastic for seeing usability everywhere, and realising why things can be so frustrating.

Steve Krug's Don’t make me think. Great for understanding the bottom-line usability for the web.

polar_bear_bookInformation Architecture (3rd Edition), the definitive guide to information architecture.

Indie Young's Mental Models, understand users’ reasons for doing things.

Usability Links


Design Patterns:

Further reading for other things referenced:


I mentioned a few tools during the sessions, so it seems only fair to mention them again here. (NB: I have no affiliation with any of these tools, they happen to be the ones I’ve used.)

If I’ve missed something, or you have suggestions, please do comment below…

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