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CSUN: Responsive design and accessible design

George Zamfir presentingA presentation on the parallels between responsive design and accessible design By George Zamfir.

How to hold your iPad

 width=Taking my arguments about pixels being relative another step, the CSS pixel sizes that device makers use actually tell us the distance away from your eye that they think you should hold a device. Applying a bit of maths lets us work out what that distance is.

In defence of pixels

diagram showing definition of a pixel.I keep reading recommendations for using EMs or other typographical units for layout, which I still don't understand. At best it is an extra layer of abstraction, at worst it is misleading and likely to cause more issues than it solves. I will try to demonstrate why pixels are the best relative unit.

Relative pixels

Layout methods in web design have gone through a transition in the last few years, unfortunately we're still using floats a lot, but flexible layouts have made a comeback in the form of responsive design - which is great. Recently though, I have been puzzled by people suggesting that we should use EMs for layout...

Zooming bug in Webkit

Boston globe zoomed in ChromeI've noticed a bug in Webkit browsers that impacts accessibility: Zooming in does not trigger media queries. Responsive design techniques can really help people who zoom in with their browser, but not in Chrome or Safari at the moment.

Detecting touch-based browsing

I came across a situation recently where a JavaScript widget didn't 'work' on the iPhone. It did technically work, but without knowing about two-fingered scrolling (and when you need to use it), it didn't appear to work. So how do you differentiate the iPhone (and other touch based devices) from a regular browser?

Removing empty HTML tags from TinyMCE

A little post for those that run into the same problem I had with TinyMCE and blank instances not quite being blank. I created a little configuration to remove empty HTML tags.

Stackoverflow dev day London – Roundup

Dev Days logo.I’ve just gotten back from a great day at the Stackoverflow Dev Day, I didn’t take my usual copious notes, but I thought a flavour of proceedings would be good to get down. For those who don’t know me, I have to add the caveat that I’m not a …

Local W3C validator on OSX

Local ValidatorYou may have noticed the W3C was asking for contributions for the running the validator. There is a way that you can support the W3c validation service - by not using it. The public version that is. If you use OSX, you can install it locally.

dConstruct 2008 notes

dConstruct banner.
My journey to d.construct was a long one, I hadn’t even checked which talks were when, so I was very thankful for the schedule built into your name tag! I took quite a few notes for general use, but please to refer to the originals where possible:

Keynote: The urban…