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Design bomb in W3C’s garden

The W3C's new logo for HTML5 with a whacking great question mark next to it. A post came up in my feed called the BOMB in the GARDEN by Matthew Butterick. I found it... frustrating. I don't think the solutions would help with the issues he raises.

The “Open Web Stack” – Snappy acronym needed

The W3C's new logo for HTML5 with a whacking great question mark next to it.Chris Mills at the Web Standards project posted up an open letter to the W3C about the new "HTML5 logo", which I commented on, but it seems comments are off. So here's what I wrote...


I've recently been struck by a parallel: the differences between usability and accessibility are very similar to the differences between writing the HTML5 spec and covering accessibility requirements. Perhaps that can help explain the friction, and why WAI-ARIA is needed.

SharePoint 2010 Accessibility Event

The roundtable discussion at the end of HiSoftware's event.The "UK Accessibility Roundtable for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010", a HiSoftware event at Microsoft's offices in London Victoria. The day revolved around several demos of SharePoint 2010 and Compliance Sheriff, and was fleshed it out with some quite good accessibility information. These are my notes on the event, with a lot of interspersed commentary.

Techshare Keynote – Richard Schwerdtfeger

Richard and Cynthia Waddell before the keynotesI'm putting up my notes from the talks I saw at Techshare 2009, and Richard Schwerdtfeger's was the first.

Local W3C validator on OSX

Local ValidatorYou may have noticed the W3C was asking for contributions for the running the validator. There is a way that you can support the W3c validation service - by not using it. The public version that is. If you use OSX, you can install it locally.

WCAG Samurai release errata

Joe Clark has released the final WCAG Samurai's errata, an update to the (almost) 9 year old Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 guidelines.

@media 2007

I’m just back from @media, and thought I’d post up brief notes (such as they are) for my own reference and anyone else’s gain. Obviously, I will only comment on the presentations I saw, and it’s all from my own particular perspective.

Jesse James Garrett – Beyond AJAX

Jesse James Garrett presents the keynote on Beyond AJAX.I didn’t …

WCAG Samurai published at @media

A little while ago Joe Clark asked me to review the WCAG Samurai’s WCAG 1 errata, which Joe has announced will be published today.

Also available is my independent review of the errata: WCAG Samurai Errata Review. Unbeknownst to me, Joe had also asked Gian Sampson-Wild, who’s review …

Note on Non-HTML formats

In my previous article on responsibilities in accessibility you might have noticed that I'd fallen into the traditional accessibility trap of only really referring to (X)HTML/CSS sites and guidelines. I'm quite aware of other technologies, but it's worth looking at why other formats are harder to make accessible.