Fund raising for accessibility

Or in a way, fund raising to allow fund raising! Joe Clark is starting the “The Open & Closed Project“, which aims to:

  • Write a set of standards (how-to manuals) for four fields of accessibility – captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing.
  • Create a training and certification programs.
  • Work on a universal file format for the four fields of accessibility.
  • Design and test new fonts for captioning and subtitling.

These donations are not for the project, they are to allow Joe to fundraise to pay for the project. Although not web accessibility, a good set of standards in the area can only help define what’s good to aim for in the online world.

Joe’s aiming for $7,777, to pay for four months of his life, sounds like a bargain, so what are you waiting for?

Joe finds me patronising!

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