Domain woes

If you’ve found this site, well done! My main domain ( has just been dropped without warning by the registrar. I’ve switched over to for now, so if you need to email me, please send to ‘ac’ at that domain. Needless to say, is not my favorite registrar at the moment.

Well, it wasn’t with no warning, checking the email on my server (not Gmail), I did receive something this morning saying we’ll be turning you off now, but I’ve never received a payment request.

Assuming it had not made it’s way to me, I had tried to renew last month anyway, to no avail.

I’m not sure why, but Gmail seems to drop any email from the .ac top level domain, well, mine and the registrar’s anyway.

Content transferability

Interestingly, it also brought up the point of transferability of sites and their content. I’ve moved WordPress’ homepage and default URL over to, but the default WordPress image insertion includes the domain, so none of the images worked!

I would prefer it to use a local absolute path, e.g. /wp-content/images/image-name.gif. If is used a local URL, it would be much easier to transfer domain and also test a site locally.

I’ve just gone through the last 20 posts changing this, but there must be a way of getting this to be the default?

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3 contributions to “Domain woes

  1. Yeah, I noticed the other day you had disappeared, but I’d presumed the problem lay with your hosting rather than your domain registration. Still, you’re back – and there appears to be a redirect set up to bounce people to the new site if they were looking at the old.

  2. Despite being my own administrator, the hosting is fine! It’s sorted now, just very annoying to get the downtime on my signature domain.

    Unfortunately GMail drops email from the registrar, which didn’t help, although I definitely had tried to renew anyway.

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