Colour Contrast Visualiser – New Tool

A friend & colleague of mine, Tom Hooper, has just released the beta version of a new tool. Although everyone (who cares) has probably heard of colour contrast analysers, this does the opposite, and shows you accessible colours.

Screen shot of the Colour Contrast Visualiser, showing a foreground colour and accessible backgrounds to associate with it.

This tool allows you to visualise good colour combinations on a Photoshop style colour picker. It’s primary use is finding acceptable colours from an existing inaccessible combination – while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the original.

Tom created it for internal use to speed up his design process, but I think it’s good enough to make available now, even though Tom wants to add more to it. Although I don’t do design as such, if I did, this would be a very useful tool to choose colours from. Just click on the SWF download at the bottom of the Colour Contrast Visualiser page, or download the AIR version for local use.