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EME at the W3C

There's an ongoing kerfuffle about DRM (Digital Rights Management) being implemented in browsers and whether the W3C should publish a standard ('recommendation') that provides access to DRM content.

The responsive order conflict for keyboard focus

We’re starting to hit a problem with the new CSS methods (Flexbox and Grid), and how people using a keyboard (or equivalent) interact with a page. I’m not the first to say the keyboard order should follow the CSS, but I’d like to highlight some recent examples from work …

Units for Media Queries – different conclusion

This is a reply to a post on concluding that “So.. I’m sorry to break your bubble, pixel fans, but it’s a no-go for pixel based queries.”

There are a few problems, and with the same data I come to a different conclusion.

I created what I think is …

Graphics Contrast

An overview of the potential Graphics Contrast criteria for WCAG 2.1, and a request for examples.

Four levels of accessibility customisation

There are some interesting discussions on customisation going on with the work on WCAG 2.1, the much anticipated (I hope) update to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is a little inside-baseball, but I've tried to make it understandable for a wider accessibility-audience.

Fixing outlines on click

We know that a clear focus indicator is vital for people using a keyboard, so why do some website remove it? A little digging into how the browsers deal with it.

ARIA tabs, UI problems and standards

Classic three tab demo example.There have been a couple of articles on ARIA tabs recently, I pick up some specific points from both articles, analyse the interactions and suggest a way forward.

Subscription accessibility update

Back in 2006 I posted about 'subscription accessibility', where sites have to pay to enable accessibility features for users. It came up with a different service so I thought it worth re-considering.

Zoom for fixed and responsive sites

I also considered calling this "Why zoom sucks on mobile", as that is the biggest issue with zooming & web development. To understand why I'll walk through the different ways zoom works on desktop and mobile.

ReCAPTCHA updated to no-CAPTCHA

Interesting post from Google on their update for reCAPTCHA, where they are replacing the current CAPTCHA method.